5 Best Ways to Impress Your Man in Your 40s

If you have got or are getting into your 40s and worried about the relationship with your man or a man, you are just reading the right piece of information. Many women believe that once they have got into their 40s, they would lose the natural ability to impress a man. However, what they tend to forget is that as they turn 40 they bring with them loads of experience that can be valued by the man if they are being projected in the right fashion in front of him. Here are best 5 ways that will tell you how to impress man without much ado.

If you are trying to impress your husband while you are in your 40s, you will have to understand that he has possibly spent many years with you and that could be the reason that he may not be finding you impressive enough. After years of marriage and with your lost youth, it might sound difficult to impress him, but in reality it is not so difficult. All you have to do is try any of the following ways and you would find your man highly impressed with you.

African couple hugging - huffpost.com
African couple hugging – huffpost.com

Cook some of his favorite cuisines more frequently

They say that the path to the heart of a man goes through his stomach. Thus by cooking items of his choice, you would be able to impress him a lot.

Keep on surprising him more often

Men want tinge of surprises in their life. If you can do that, you would know the basic trick of how to impress man. You may change the furniture configuration of the house or get him surprise gift one fine day. Remember, a surprised man is always an impressed man.

Spend as much time with him as possible

Ever wondered why do men tend to play more golf as they grow old? The answer is that they lose interest in their homes and especially in their women. Thus, you need to ensure that you spend as much time with him as possible. Going on morning walks together, spending the evening watching a movie together, spending a relaxing weekend in an isolated spot are ways that will let you spend more time with you man and impress him.

Show interest in his work

This is a nice tip that answers the question of how to impress man. Men like it when they get to speak about their challenges at work with their partners. If you start taking interest in his work related affairs, he would automatically get more impressed with you.

Give him pleasure on bed

It is certain that as you get into your 40s your libido would have gone down and your desire to give pleasure to your man would dry up. However, if want to keep him impressed about you, it is important that you give him total satisfaction on bed. You may try libido booster drugs that are available in the market.   By using these drugs, you can overcome the effects of growing age on your performance on bed and can impress your man to the highest levels that you can think of.

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