Zentangle-Inspired Art in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Our fabulous challenge this week from the Zentangle Diva was to create something representative of Hope in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I loved what Laura wrote:

“But Breast Cancer is not the only reason to have hope.  i think each of us has had a situation in their lives when they felt like giving up, and for whatever reason – they didn’t.  That gives me hope.”

Thanks Laura for the challenge and the inspiration this week. This image of HOPE goes out to all my friends and family members who are struggling or who are survivors. I celebrate all of you this week and no that no matter the challenges you are facing at home or at work, you will pull through!

I chose to do 3 dimensional letters. I am working on a series of holiday cards and had also done the word hope on one of those but my daughter and I have been having fun with letters recently and this seemed like a great choice for this challenge. She helped paint the chipboard letters pink with acrylic paint. The letters came from Hobby Lobby and were on sale for about .50 cents each. I love a good craft sale! I will probably seal this with a clear acrylic finish to give them a bit of shine, too!

It was fun working on the letter shapes and using the shape itself as the guide for the string. Love my Sakura Micron pens that will write on anything!

I also want to say thanks to Rick and Maria of Zentangle for their leadership, passion and vision. I am officially an addict and a constantly refreshed artist, thanks to you.

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Is Peace Possible?

Is Peace Possible?

Do you remember the famous John Lennon song, “Give Peace a Chance?”

If not, check out this YouTube video. The video became an anti-war hymn during the late 1960′s. I’m not sure I had ever paid attention to the lyrics before, I just remember the classic chorus, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” The lyrics talk about all of the -isms people tend to focus on, rather than paying attention to what is real and what we can personally change. You can read all of they lyrics here. It reminded me that we spend entirely to much time searching for answers in the world around us, seeking peace in others rather than creating peace within.

I was chatting with a woman yesterday who read my blog post yesterday about being too busy and not making time for ourselves and for what really matters. For me, this is both a global and an individual issue. I’m not here to preach about world peace or try to change the world. I’m not here to talk about the government’s policies or the war in the Middle East. I am just a mom, wife and business owner who values peace, harmony, stillness and love.

Do I believe world peace is possible? I am not sure, I am still trying to make peace possible in my life and in my family. I try to create more opportunities for peaceful time for reflection and silence. My husband and I share similar views on war, peace and non-violence. We are attending a Mindfulness and Compassion meetup tonight to sit in meditation with a peaceful group of people in a peaceful place. We will practice peace, at least for an hour!

So imagine our horror when our kids’ dinner conversation last night centered around a computer game that helps you create viruses, bacteria and who knows what else that will neatly eradicate the entire world and everything in it and you can watch it all happen online. My children are thrilled to be creating a pandemic! What’s up with that? That’s not okay with me. “But it’s just a game, Mom! The graphics are cool. It’s not real.” I took the opportunity to use this discussion as a teachable moment and remind the kids why this type of game perpetuates a reality we don’t buy into, support or want any part of. How can I dream of world peace when I am still struggling to teach my child the value of peace at home. I am sure I am not the only parent struggling with this dilemma in the age of video games, television and Hollywood blockbusters.

What matters to me is that the more we change ourselves, the more impact we can have on the world around us. Those small changes are like ripples in the ocean when a rain drop falls, spreading endlessly outward to encompass everything. The more at peace I am with myself, with who I am being in this moment, the more I model and reflect peace back to others, especially my family but also the clerk at the grocery store or the guy who just knocked on my door to get me to sign a petition and give money to keep our oceans clean. (I was annoyed when the door rang in the middle of writing this post but practiced peace and kindness by giving Josh a minute to tell me why he was there. I don’t envy door-to-door salespeople, it’s a hard job.)

Yes, I believe peace is possible but it comes in flashes of insight, moments of stillness and walks on the beach at sunset. Peace is a practice, just like exercise and eating well. The more we practice peace, the better we get at being peaceful.

Peace starts with you, are you ready?

Please share how you make peace a practice in your daily life. It’s different for each of us and we can all learn from the practice of others.

Here are a couple of affirmations to help you create a practice around peace. Focus on creating more peace in your life for one week and see the difference it makes.


I am at peace when _____________.

I create space for peace in my life on a daily basis.

My heart reflects peace to others. I create peace within me, synchronizing heart and brain.

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Have you Written a Personal Declaration of Indpendence? Freedom? Health?

Why Write a Personal Declaration of Independence?

It’s July 4th and the fireworks are still hours away. I went for a beautiful hike this morning with my family. My kids are such great trekkers and loved the rock hopping across beautiful pools at the top of the canyon! I am out of shape, ready to get back into shape and to not be breathing so heavily as I trek up the hills. My brother offered me his hand to get over a rock and I said “No, I can do it,” sounding more like my 10 year old than my self but I am determined to get in hiking shape again.

I am not the confident rock-hopper that my kids and husband are. I am overweight and out of shape. I have spent too much of the past few years working at a computer and making excuses for myself. July 4 is a great day to make a personal Declaration of Independence. I am declaring right now, publicly, that I am a fit, healthy 47 year old woman who easily hikes 6 to 8 miles. I am not sure how I am going to make that declaration a reality but it will happen, it is happening right now.

You might be thinking I am insane at this point or wondering if there is a point. Who cares if I need to lose weight and get fit? Here’s the point. Lots of posts on Facebook today about July 4, the Declaration of Independence and our founding fathers. My dear friend, Kathy Garland, has taught some amazing workshops over the years, including one called the “Power of Your Pen” which focuses on using declarations to make your ideas, dreams and goals become your reality. Declarations are very different from affirmations or just listing out your goals.

Countless times I heard Kathy talk about the Declaration of Independence and what a powerful document it is. She talked about how this group of gentleman risked everything to create a new reality that would become the United States of America. They had no idea at the time if it would work, if they could win the war against England, or if people would follow them as the future leaders. They only knew they were committed to a specific course of action and were willing to do whatever it took to make it happen. They couldn’t predict the future, see the outcome or stop the war. Not knowing did not stop them.

When was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? 5th grade? Reading it as an adult gave me a much greater appreciation for our founding fathers. I thank them for their willingness to sacrifice everything for the future of this country. I am motivated by them to take the necessary risks, to have the same level of blind faith in my ability to change my own reality.

So many of us struggle with not knowing the outcome, or seeing the outcome as so far out into the future that we cannot begin to see the steps to get us there. If we don’t start to declare right now what we want our lives to look like tomorrow, nothing will change.

My family and I made a DECLARATION in January of 2011 that we would move to Santa Barbara, CA from Plano, TX in summer of June 2012. We are here now. It worked, despite the fears, the challenges, the worries and not knowing if everything would fall into place. We were 100% focused and committed to the outcome. But the outcome started with a personal and public declaration that we were willing to do whatever it took to get here.

Now that piece is done, I am turning my focus inward. I want to be healthy enough to enjoy and explore this amazing area and to be able to keep up with my kids tomorrow and 10 years from now. No more excuses.

I encourage you to use the power of Declarations to change your life! A Declaration should be specific and include a date when you want the outcome to occur but it should be bigger than a goal.

Want more help or guidance on using Declarations to change your life? Email me at minette@minetteriordan.com to find out about my coaching programs. I love helping other women create a lifestyle that fuels their spirit and intellect while supporting their family.

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Tips To Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

If you are trying hard to get pregnant and still not being able to conceive, there may be a number of issues causing that. It could be a health related issue, or could be a lifestyle related issue. At the same time it is not necessary that the problem is within the woman only. The male partner could be equally responsible for not being able to help the woman get pregnant.  No matter who the responsible party is, as you learn about how to get pregnant you would also be able to able to fight these challenges and conceive sooner than letter. Here are some highly effective tips to get pregnant.

image source- .conceptionkit.com
image source- .conceptionkit.com

Control the weight

Being underweight or overweight could play a vital role in getting pregnant. Hence as you learn about the various tips to get pregnant, you may start contacting your doctor or trainer to help you reduce or increase your body weight.

Stop drinking too much of beverages

As per studies, women who consume multiple servings of beverages in a day have a 16% lower rate of fertility. As you understand how to get pregnant on young , you would have to cut down on the intake of soda, alcohol and caffeine containing beverages drastically.

Quit smoking

This is one of the most important tips to get pregnant. Women who smoke do not produce eggs of too high quality. This leads to lesser chances of the egg getting fertilized with the sperm, thereby reducing the chances of the woman getting pregnant.

Take advantage of the fertile window

The fertile window of a woman starts right from her ovulation date and continues for the next six days. As per doctors, if the couple engages into sexual intercourse during this period, chances of getting pregnant are higher.

Increase the sperm count in the man

One of the important how to get pregnant tips is to increase the sperm count and improve the quality of the sperms in men. This can be done by restricting the diet of the man and bringing in certain lifestyle changes easily.

Improve the quality of sperms

It is a known fact that when the testicles get heated, it deteriorates the quality of the sperms. It is thus wise that men should wear boxers instead of tight briefs that put the testicles under pressure, thereby heating them.

Stress management

Studies have shown that women who are stressed have a reduced rate of fertility as high stress levels puts a stop to the ovulation process. You may consider attending a few stress management classes as that will improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Try gluten free diet

High percentage of gluten in the diet can have adverse impact in the development of the placenta, thereby reducing the chances of getting pregnant.

Try the missionary position

Having intercourse in the missionary position and then lying off the back would help in increasing the chances of getting pregnant manifolds.

Have frequent intercourses

While sex during the fertility window would have the highest chances of making the woman pregnant, there is no harm in doing it more often. Frequent sexual intercourse helps in retaining the mobility of the sperms in men which helps in fertilizing the egg during the ovulation period.


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Tips To Look 10 Years Younger

Ever wondered how do the celebs maintain their young looks by defying the natural process of ageing? Well, they do a lot of things to keep their skin look younger. That includes a lot of surgical and invasive methods which are not only expensive, but causes a lot of pain as well. As a common individual, if you are wondering how to look younger, you need to read on.

You need to be careful about one thing. If you want to look younger you would have take care of your overall appearance and not just the facial skin. It would really look odd if the age of the face does not match the appearance of the rest of the body. In this article you will find simple home remedies that will give you the mantra of looking 10 years younger.

source- foxnews
source- foxnews

 Facial care tips to look young

When it comes to look younger, obviously the face deserves special care and attention. You will have to ensure that you use quality products for your face care. Products that do not have much oil in them and are natural are more preferred than the chemical products for facial care.

  • Get into the habit of cleansing your skin daily. Use a gentle face cleanser as the harsh ones will tend to dry p your face and make it look aged.
  • Moisturize the face properly after cleansing it. There are many facial moisturizers and creams available in the market that contains anti-aging properties. You may use any of the reputed ones.
  • Do not let the skin get tanned by the sun. Applying sunscreen lotions has to be done diligently while you go out. Do not restrict the application only to the face. Apply the sunscreens on any part of the body that would remain exposed to the rays of the sun.
  • Use exfoliating creams that will help in making the skin feel softer and look younger.
  • Wear the right makeup. If all the above steps are being applied over a period of time, the quality of your skin would anyways be much better and that would hide the aging symptoms naturally. You can apply subtle makeup to get rid of the remaining aging symptoms. Do not overdo the makeup as that would reveal more of the age symptoms than concealing them.

Other tips to look 10 years younger

It is a known fact that stress leaves its mark on the face and body. If you want to look 10 years younger, you will have to fight out your stress. You can think of attending stress management classes that help you learn about various methods to reduce stress and anxiety.

Ensure that you exercise daily so that your body is in the right shape. A bloated and fat appearance is certainly not going to help if you want to look 10 years younger. Wear fashionable clothes which are bright in color. Try to quit smoking and drinking too much alcohol as that will leave its mark on the skin of your body, screaming out your real age. Above all, if you want to look young, you will have to feel young.

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5 Best Ways to Impress Your Man in Your 40s

If you have got or are getting into your 40s and worried about the relationship with your man or a man, you are just reading the right piece of information. Many women believe that once they have got into their 40s, they would lose the natural ability to impress a man. However, what they tend to forget is that as they turn 40 they bring with them loads of experience that can be valued by the man if they are being projected in the right fashion in front of him. Here are best 5 ways that will tell you how to impress man without much ado.

If you are trying to impress your husband while you are in your 40s, you will have to understand that he has possibly spent many years with you and that could be the reason that he may not be finding you impressive enough. After years of marriage and with your lost youth, it might sound difficult to impress him, but in reality it is not so difficult. All you have to do is try any of the following ways and you would find your man highly impressed with you.

African couple hugging - huffpost.com
African couple hugging – huffpost.com

Cook some of his favorite cuisines more frequently

They say that the path to the heart of a man goes through his stomach. Thus by cooking items of his choice, you would be able to impress him a lot.

Keep on surprising him more often

Men want tinge of surprises in their life. If you can do that, you would know the basic trick of how to impress man. You may change the furniture configuration of the house or get him surprise gift one fine day. Remember, a surprised man is always an impressed man.

Spend as much time with him as possible

Ever wondered why do men tend to play more golf as they grow old? The answer is that they lose interest in their homes and especially in their women. Thus, you need to ensure that you spend as much time with him as possible. Going on morning walks together, spending the evening watching a movie together, spending a relaxing weekend in an isolated spot are ways that will let you spend more time with you man and impress him.

Show interest in his work

This is a nice tip that answers the question of how to impress man. Men like it when they get to speak about their challenges at work with their partners. If you start taking interest in his work related affairs, he would automatically get more impressed with you.

Give him pleasure on bed

It is certain that as you get into your 40s your libido would have gone down and your desire to give pleasure to your man would dry up. However, if want to keep him impressed about you, it is important that you give him total satisfaction on bed. You may try libido booster drugs that are available in the market.   By using these drugs, you can overcome the effects of growing age on your performance on bed and can impress your man to the highest levels that you can think of.

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Top 4 Women’s skin care tips

Skin is the most important mirror of a women’s body. A shiny skin can give you an even better impression. You may read a lot of articles in this regards. But still, you are finding the exact skin care tips for you. Your waiting comes to an end. By the end of this reading, you will be able to find out the exact solution for a women’s skin care.

There are a lot of tips available regarding women’s skin care tips. You may have already consulted with some specialists. Mostly it takes a time to find out the suitable women’s skin care product for you. As well as the skin care tips also varies from person to person. This happens because different women have different skin tones. All women’s skin care products are not suitable for everyone. The best women’s skin care product or the best women’s skin care tips may not work the for you. Don’t worry. Here are some best working tips for you.

Source- http://www.magforwomen.com/
Source- http://www.magforwomen.com/

Find out your skin tone

All you have to know is, how your skin is. Is it oily or normal? You may get an idea about your skin color easily. But it takes a time to find out the exact skin tone. Some of the skin shows different tone at the different weather. Your skin may be oily at winter. Sometimes you will find your skin even rough at summer. All these happens due to the change of weather. So, you have to follow such a way, that no matter what weather it is. Your skin tone remains the same. Here are the best 5 women’s skin care tips for you.

Use moisturizing cream at winter

You must use a moisturizing cream during the winter weather. At winter, there is less moisture present in the air. So, the air depletes the moisture present in your skin. Thus, your skin becomes rough. There might be some issues like, rough under the lip. You can use a better lip jelly to prevent this problem. You can use a little bit hot water while you take a bath. Glycerin is another most useful thing during these cold weathers. You can use glycerin after the bath. It will prevent the air to consume moisture from your body. But, make sure you wash your body regularly at winter weather.

Protect your skin from the sunshine

Sunshine is one of the most dangerous enemies to your skin. It will spoil the natural color of your body. You must have to use the best quality sunscreen while you go out. A sunscreen not only prevent your skin from the sunshine, but it also makes your skin healthy. you must find a good quality sunscreen for you. Some sunscreens are specially produced for women’s skin care. Those sunscreens contain different vitamins that are necessary for women’s skin care. You have to use sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you go outside. Chose a sunscreen that is leveled at least SPF 15 or more.

Take a healthy diet every day

Foods are the most important things for your skin. If you don’t take a proper diet, no beauty products, no matter how good it is, will not work for you. A healthy diet nourishes you from inside. It confirms the necessary cell growth of your skin. The necessity of a healthy diet for women’s skin care is proved by many specialists. Make sure you keep sufficient enough fruits in your daily food routine. It is true, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Try to eat fruits containing vitamin C. Vitamin C helps you to maintain a healthy women’s skin. It will also make your hair nourished.

Release your stresses

You may be very much stressed. There might be a lot of pressure. But trust me, stress demolish your skin cells. If you are enough stressed, you will never realize how your skin gets older. You will be able to regain your normal skin much sooner only if you release your stresses. Try to love yourself. Live a happy life. Maintain a daily routine. You can never solve your problems by being stressed. Rather try to solve the problems. Stresses are considered the ultimate enemy for women’s skin care. Don’t use any local women’s skin care product randomly. It will never work for you. Moreover, there will be a risk of women’s skin cancer if you do so.

SSTake care of your skin

It’s you who can take care of your skin better than a women’s skin specialist. Because you understand your skin at its best.  Reduce your bath time. The longer you take a bath, your skin loses its smoothness. Avoid hard soap containing extra base. Check the PH scale of your soap when you buy it. There are much good quality liquid bodies wash available in the market. You can try one. Some of the body washes also contain necessary vitamins for womSSken’s skin. Regarding women’s skin care issue, you must keep it in mind.

Skin is the most important concern regarding women’s skin care issue. If you take necessary steps to maintain a healthy skin, your impression will be increased by a couple of times. There is many famous women’s skin care center. You can consult with a specialist if you need. It’s better to consult an expert before you use roughly any women’s skin care product. Because women’s skin is the most sensitive one. You must not take any risk regarding this issue.

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