Tips to Keep the House Clean Without Slogging For Hours

A clean house is something that everyone wants. However, the effort and time that it takes to keep the house clean is something which is a challenge to many women in their busy lifestyles. Right from floor cleaning to keeping the furniture and other items free of dust is certainly a back breaking job. Here are some quick tips to that will help in cleaning the house in the matter of no time.

Tips to Keep the House Clean Without Slogging For Hours
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Stack your dirty clothes in a laundry bag

A quick and effective way of cleaning the house is to stop throwing things here and there. Clothes which need to be washed should be put inside the washing machine or a laundry bag and not on the racks on the walls. If you do a weekly laundry, you can store the dirty clothes in a laundry bag and get them cleaned at one go.

Keeping the floors clean

Floor cleaning is the most pain-stricken task. However, with the introduction of those sophisticated floor mops, it really doesn’t take much time to get sparkling clean floors. Keep the children away from making the floor dirty after they come back from the playgrounds and you would not have to worry about the cleanliness of the floors of your house.

Use feather dusters

Getting rid of dust is another major challenge while cleaning the house. While many people prefer using vacuum cleaners, but that proves to be a very cumbersome process. Even the handy versions of the modern day vacuum cleaners do not prove to be that handy while cleaning the house quickly.

Instead, feather dusters are a nice and quick way to get rest of the thin layers of dust on the furniture, blinds, showpieces and other areas of the house. If the dust layer is thick, you may have to go for a vacuum cleaner, though, but that would only happen if you do not carry out the dusting activities on a daily basis.

Chalk a routine and set the timer

You may want to plan a daily routine of house cleaning activities. Set a time against each activity and set the timer accordingly. You may want to do this for one room first and then gradually for all the rooms. After a certain period of time, you would not require the timer or the routine as you would be getting used to carrying out the cleaning activities seamlessly within specified time limits.

Be proactive

You need to remember one thing. If you take up the task of cleaning your house once in a blue moon, it would take a lot of time and effort. Piling up cleaning work for a weekend would actually make things difficult and more time taking. Instead, if you take a proactive measure and carry out the cleaning activities daily, it would not seem like a chore anymore and you would be getting a sparkling clean house without putting in much effort and slogging for hours.

While cleaning the house, you need to remember that you have to clean it from left to right and from top to bottom. That will ensure that you are not doing repetitive task of cleaning the same space more than once.

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