How Do You Feel About Change?

Does change spark the fear of God into you?

Does life get dull after 24 hours if nothing new happens?

Are you okay with changes in your diet but terrified of changing jobs?

Were you petrified of signing up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge and sharing your thoughts and feelings with the world wide web?

The spectrum of how people manage change is broad and filled with bumps and potholes. People joke that nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes. The truth is, change is as certain as death. Change happens, constantly! From our cells and our skin to our conversations with our kids or the route we take to work, everything is in constant motion and could change in an instant. Are you ready?

One excellent example of making change happen was from Melissa Robinson Navarro’s post yesterday about starting a movement based on LML – Love my Life! What a great positive attitude. You can read her post here. Loved her positive attitude and willingness to ask all of us to change with her!

How me manage change is what makes the difference in our lives. How we manage change determines if we are successful in life, love and business. Trust me, I know. I have not always managed change gracefully in certain areas of my personal life – like acknowledging that my marriage needed more attention or that if I didn’t add regular exercise to my schedule, my body was going to revolt. In other areas, like packing up my life and moving across country or starting a new business with no knowledge or skills, I embraced change, sought it out and reveled in the newness of everything.

When I started my publishing company 10 years ago, I knew nothing about media, printing a newspaper, selling advertising or running a business but I was fearless and willing to learn. I was like a sponge, soaking up information, meeting people who could help me, shedding a few (okay, maybe a lot) tears of frustration when the publishing software didn’t do what it was supposed to or a client didn’t pay me. But I figured it out, I plowed ahead, sometimes fast and at other times slow. The journey was always eventful if not always profitable or what I expected it to be. I can tell you, I learned! I learned to fail gracefully, I learned to ask for money and help, I learned to succeed gracefully, too.

As I wrote yesterday, I just moved my whole family from Plano, TX to Santa Barbara, CA. It took some serious changes for all of us. Last night, when my daughter was sobbing that she wanted to go back to TX I just held her. There is no going back. We are here for the long haul. We are new at everything here, from boogie boarding and using baby oil to get the tar off feet to building a new business and settling into a new home. I can’t tell my daughter to just get over it, that change is necessary and good for the soul. Her feelings are valid and I am sad about who and what I left behind but I am not sorry. I just held her while she cried, I can’t take her back and I can’t fix it. I can model for her how to manage change with grace and ease, to take the challenges in stride, to shed tears and move on.

I think we should embrace CHANGE as a powerful value in our lives. The dictionary defines change: to make or become different; arrive at a fresh phase; become new. I value change for the opportunities it creates, the people I meet and the ideas that stem from everything being new again.

How do you feel about change? Are you terrified? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you refusing to settle because lack of change is worth than death. It’s important to know how you manage change in your own life!

Share your best tips on managing change in your life or your business here. I’d love your feedback.

Here are some affirmations I created to help you embrace the positive values of change:

Affirmations: I embrace change and am committed to improving my life daily.

I am ready and willing to change.

I take action today to change what I am not satisfied with.

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