Is Peace Possible?

Is Peace Possible?

Do you remember the famous John Lennon song, “Give Peace a Chance?”

If not, check out this YouTube video. The video became an anti-war hymn during the late 1960′s. I’m not sure I had ever paid attention to the lyrics before, I just remember the classic chorus, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” The lyrics talk about all of the -isms people tend to focus on, rather than paying attention to what is real and what we can personally change. You can read all of they lyrics here. It reminded me that we spend entirely to much time searching for answers in the world around us, seeking peace in others rather than creating peace within.

I was chatting with a woman yesterday who read my blog post yesterday about being too busy and not making time for ourselves and for what really matters. For me, this is both a global and an individual issue. I’m not here to preach about world peace or try to change the world. I’m not here to talk about the government’s policies or the war in the Middle East. I am just a mom, wife and business owner who values peace, harmony, stillness and love.

Do I believe world peace is possible? I am not sure, I am still trying to make peace possible in my life and in my family. I try to create more opportunities for peaceful time for reflection and silence. My husband and I share similar views on war, peace and non-violence. We are attending a Mindfulness and Compassion meetup tonight to sit in meditation with a peaceful group of people in a peaceful place. We will practice peace, at least for an hour!

So imagine our horror when our kids’ dinner conversation last night centered around a computer game that helps you create viruses, bacteria and who knows what else that will neatly eradicate the entire world and everything in it and you can watch it all happen online. My children are thrilled to be creating a pandemic! What’s up with that? That’s not okay with me. “But it’s just a game, Mom! The graphics are cool. It’s not real.” I took the opportunity to use this discussion as a teachable moment and remind the kids why this type of game perpetuates a reality we don’t buy into, support or want any part of. How can I dream of world peace when I am still struggling to teach my child the value of peace at home. I am sure I am not the only parent struggling with this dilemma in the age of video games, television and Hollywood blockbusters.

What matters to me is that the more we change ourselves, the more impact we can have on the world around us. Those small changes are like ripples in the ocean when a rain drop falls, spreading endlessly outward to encompass everything. The more at peace I am with myself, with who I am being in this moment, the more I model and reflect peace back to others, especially my family but also the clerk at the grocery store or the guy who just knocked on my door to get me to sign a petition and give money to keep our oceans clean. (I was annoyed when the door rang in the middle of writing this post but practiced peace and kindness by giving Josh a minute to tell me why he was there. I don’t envy door-to-door salespeople, it’s a hard job.)

Yes, I believe peace is possible but it comes in flashes of insight, moments of stillness and walks on the beach at sunset. Peace is a practice, just like exercise and eating well. The more we practice peace, the better we get at being peaceful.

Peace starts with you, are you ready?

Please share how you make peace a practice in your daily life. It’s different for each of us and we can all learn from the practice of others.

Here are a couple of affirmations to help you create a practice around peace. Focus on creating more peace in your life for one week and see the difference it makes.


I am at peace when _____________.

I create space for peace in my life on a daily basis.

My heart reflects peace to others. I create peace within me, synchronizing heart and brain.

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