Tips To Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

If you are trying hard to get pregnant and still not being able to conceive, there may be a number of issues causing that. It could be a health related issue, or could be a lifestyle related issue. At the same time it is not necessary that the problem is within the woman only. The male partner could be equally responsible for not being able to help the woman get pregnant.  No matter who the responsible party is, as you learn about how to get pregnant you would also be able to able to fight these challenges and conceive sooner than letter. Here are some highly effective tips to get pregnant.

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Control the weight

Being underweight or overweight could play a vital role in getting pregnant. Hence as you learn about the various tips to get pregnant, you may start contacting your doctor or trainer to help you reduce or increase your body weight.

Stop drinking too much of beverages

As per studies, women who consume multiple servings of beverages in a day have a 16% lower rate of fertility. As you understand how to get pregnant on young , you would have to cut down on the intake of soda, alcohol and caffeine containing beverages drastically.

Quit smoking

This is one of the most important tips to get pregnant. Women who smoke do not produce eggs of too high quality. This leads to lesser chances of the egg getting fertilized with the sperm, thereby reducing the chances of the woman getting pregnant.

Take advantage of the fertile window

The fertile window of a woman starts right from her ovulation date and continues for the next six days. As per doctors, if the couple engages into sexual intercourse during this period, chances of getting pregnant are higher.

Increase the sperm count in the man

One of the important how to get pregnant tips is to increase the sperm count and improve the quality of the sperms in men. This can be done by restricting the diet of the man and bringing in certain lifestyle changes easily.

Improve the quality of sperms

It is a known fact that when the testicles get heated, it deteriorates the quality of the sperms. It is thus wise that men should wear boxers instead of tight briefs that put the testicles under pressure, thereby heating them.

Stress management

Studies have shown that women who are stressed have a reduced rate of fertility as high stress levels puts a stop to the ovulation process. You may consider attending a few stress management classes as that will improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Try gluten free diet

High percentage of gluten in the diet can have adverse impact in the development of the placenta, thereby reducing the chances of getting pregnant.

Try the missionary position

Having intercourse in the missionary position and then lying off the back would help in increasing the chances of getting pregnant manifolds.

Have frequent intercourses

While sex during the fertility window would have the highest chances of making the woman pregnant, there is no harm in doing it more often. Frequent sexual intercourse helps in retaining the mobility of the sperms in men which helps in fertilizing the egg during the ovulation period.


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